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About us
Commander was founded in Canada since 2012 as a specialized company in renting Donut boats, water entertainment equipments and yachts. And over the years it has become professional in manufacturing and selling Donut boats and creative water entertainment equipments through a talented team work who can design and implement the innovated entertainment water projects to achieve premium excellent services for all our customers .
Our mission
Commander provides a lot of choices to spend leisure time in water and take you away from life routine through hosting in one of the most amazing boats in the world " DONUT BOAT " and utilize its different types to meet your wishes such as BBQ , Hookah , dinning , fishing & relaxing in water .
Our Vision
Commander aims to be exist all over the world to serve its customers, practically sea view hotels and bring inspiration and innovation to every client to become the benchmark manufacturing company for the water entertainment equipments to lead the local and global markets .
Discover our values
Cause safety first, our specialists created fiberglass boats with a high level of safety and precautions to avoid any kind of risks.
we provide you with not only a 10 years warranty but also renovation ! all of that is provided With the newest methods and cheapest prices.
Professional team
Our company consists of many teams of professionals people to provide you with high level of service and ensure your safety.
With us, you can design your own boat According to your requirements and needs, so you just decide which boat with preferred size.
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